Uniforms & Charities Change

But our mission to play hard & have fun remains the same.

Whales is an invitation-only team but we always want to hear from players who want to join.  We look for talented players who have a passion for the game, respect for others, a sense of humor and a strong desire to help others.  Submit an email about why you want to join, graduation year,  position and contact info for two of your coaches.  Every tournament we enter involves giving back to our community and players are expected to embrace our cause.  Whales began as boys lax but we expanded and introduced two girls teams in July 2016.    The girls made a big entrance ... both teams won their age divisions!   If you are a player with a graduation year 2020-2026  email us and tell us why you want to join Whales.  We are in the process of forming our 14th/15th teams.

Our Story

How did Whales start?  It's so simple, it's crazy:

When I wanted to play in a local winter lacrosse tourney but was busy playing club soccer & wasn’t on a lax team that season. I kept telling my mom I wished I was playing in that tournament and she told me to stop complaining and put a team together.” I asked friends up and down the west coast, including “friends of friends” and next thing I knew we had a squad. Since the team name is “Whales” we thought it only fitting that we call ourselves “The Pod.” While recruiting players one of my friend’s moms was so overjoyed at the idea of just playing for fun that she instantly became the Whales greatest fan. She is an extraordinary woman and a Stage 4 breast cancer survivor. As a nod to her, I spontaneously decided we would dedicate our tournament to her. Next, I decided I would donate $2 for every goal we scored to Susan G. Komen and asked other players if they wanted to do the same. The idea spread like wildfire. Next thing you know we had hundreds of pledges. We raised over $10,000 in pledges during that 1st tournament! The next time Whales played was at the Battle of Bothell in Seattle. My brother Charlie put together a U15 team and they won the tourney but, more importantly, raised over $14,000 for pediatric brain cancer research (Project Violet at Fred Hutch). They played for Sam Taylor, a 12 year old laxer with a brain tumor. I put together a 9/10 HS team to play one more time for Sam and Project Violet. Next, my brother put together a team to play for Camron Cozzi, a 16 year old lacrosse player battling DIPG, a horrible type of brain cancer. Charlie’s team won the championship and raised $11,000 for DIPG research. We had so many girls asking us to play we put together two girls teams in the summer of 2016. both teams won their age divisions and raised $14,000 in honor of Liz Lofurno, a Portland area lacrosse player who has been battling stage 4 Hodgkins Lymphoma. In November, 2016 I formed Pod 7 and we honored Liz Lofurno & raised an additional $5000 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. My brother Charlie assembled Pod 8 and their team surprised Camron Cozzi’s family with approximately $6000 (championed via the the Angel Wings Foundation) to help them pay for Camron’s treatment. The next two teams played for Sam Taylor again and supported the Strong4Sam Foundation. Pods 9 & 10 raised over $22,000 for pediatric cancer research. The first 10 teams raised over $87,000 for cancer awareness and research! The most amazing thing is that raising this money is not hard work, its fun. Many-a-Whale have been quoted as saying they have never had more fun playing lax. You can see how I came up with our team motto, Play with Passion, Have Fun, Give Back. Cheer us on at Sand Storm as Pods 11, 12 and 13 honor Josh Varnell and play for Make-A-Wish Orange County & Inland Empire!
— Jimmy Ryan, Founder of Whales

The spirit that exists on a Whales team is usually difficult to describe but this video of one of the first teams, made by die-hard Whale Mitch Flippo, does an excellent job of giving you a feel for being part of "the pod." 


When we have too many players from out of town to fit in a regular car we need to rent .... the Whale Limo.  #swaggywheels